We dusted off the pile of clippings we have accumulated over the years on a back bookshelf, and digitized some of the better stories in order to share them here.

Russian Life


Rossiyskaya Gazeta


Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Nikolai Dolgopolov, Deputy Editor of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, interviewed Russian Life publisher Paul Richardson in Moscow and produced this story (which contains several factual errors), which appeared in different versions on the RG website (in Russian) and in a rather poor translation on Russia Beyond the Headlines (in English).
Utne Plug Utne Plug
America's leading alternative mag says our 100 Things Everyone Should Know About Russia will help you "fill the Ural-sized gaps in your knowledge" of Russia
{Utne Reader Blog: May 20, 2009}

Spotlight on Russian Life Spotlight by Green America
In which the magazine is called "a green leader in the magazine industry."
{The Magazine Paper Project: September, 2008}

Moscow on the Winooski Moscow on the Winooski
"Montpelier is a long way from Moscow — 4,428 miles as the crow flies..."
{The Times Argus: May 4, 2008}

The Russo-Files The Russo-Files
"...the magazine is often the stimulus that turns dabbling Russophiles into full-fledged addicts."
{Seven Days: April 23, 2008}

NTV Feature NTV Feature
A Russian film crew traveled to Ohio to visit our printing plant, doing interviews and filming the Mar/Apr 2006 issue as it came off the press... [A couple of glitches with our subtitling, but still a very nice feature.]
{NTV: February 2006}

Interview Interview
A Q&A between Paul Richardson and SRAS Newsletter editor Josh Wilson.
{SRAS Newsletter: September 23, 2005}

A taste of Russia A Taste of Russia
" of the premiere sources of information on life in Russia... [an account of our vodka tasting cruise on Lake Champlain]"
{The Times Argus: July 3, 2000}

Russian Page-Turner Face of Russia
"...full of great color photography and intriguing feature stories..."
{PBS Face of Russia: 1998}

Getting Into The Spirits Getting Into The Spirits
"The time was 11 am. The guests today had come to drink vodka. All sorts of vodka, in fact... [reporting (above the fold on page 1!) on The First International Vodka Taste-Off]"
{The Times Argus: March 1, 1998}

Montpelier Publisher Finds Niche Montpelier Publisher Finds Niche
" of America's first choices for a first-hand glimpse into Russia..." [company profile soon after we took over Russian Life]
{The Times Argus: January 22, 1996}

Email Man Email Man
We have lots of irrelevant and funny clips from the early 1990s, which marvel at the new technology "which is called E-mail for short," but this one is our favorite, featuring original founder and partner Dave Kelley and his ultra-modern portable computer...
{The Japan Times (AP): September 5, 1991}

Language Through Culture Program


Books and Maps


Moscow City Map and Guide

"user friendly... meticulously accurate."
{TIME Magazine: May 18, 1992}
Leahy Sobchak Senator Leahy and Mayor Sobchak
"Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy presents a copy of our St. Petersburg City Map to that city's mayor, Anatoly Sobchak (we were told it was put up in the office of his aide at that time, Vladimir Putin)..."
{Personal Letter: October 8, 1993}

A Taste of Russia

"This is simply the best and most complete book on Russian cooking in English."
{Suzanne Massie}

"Goldstein... manages to make Russian cuisine dance. It's hard to imagine anything that might have been left out of this delightfully comprehensive collection."
{Publisher's Weekly}

"The imaginative range of the selection would be enlightening in itself even without the multitudinous snippets from Chekhov, Gogol and Oblomov. First rate."
{Kirkus Reviews}

"It is not suprising that Goldstein, a Williams College professor who later founded the food studies journal Gastronomica, is particularly literary in her books on Russian and Georgian food, placing zakuska (grand appetizer buffets) and dacha (summer house) picnics alike in the context of Russia's great writers. But cerebral as she can be, her prose is rooted in hands-on kitchen advice: 'There are a few basic rules to follow in laying a zakuska table, not the least of which concerns the shape of the table itself. It should be oval or round and placed away from the wall, so that all foods are accessible to all guests at all times.'"
{Slate Magazine: May 2009}

Survival Russian

"Each column is well and wittily written in English... Each contains upwards of 25 Russian phrases discussed and grounded in their cultural and linguistic contexts... I read Survival Russian from cover to cover; willingly putting it down only for vitally and/or professionally necessary distractions... Every column I read provided me with valuable and/or amusing new phrases or insights."
{Lydia Razran Stone, SlavFile}

Russia Survival Guide

"A treasure house of... indispensable intelligence for any person visiting either of the two great Russian capitals for any reason whatsoever."
{Los Angeles Times: June 28, 1992}

"The skeleton key that opens the secret doors."
{Success Magazine: December 1992}

"...invaluable information, accessibly organized for the newcomer to Russia. Incredibly fulsome, even down to where to eat in Grozny, yet efficiently compiled and arranged for easy use."
{John Berry, of Library Journal: VPBA Merit Award, 1993}

" invaluable, even essential, handbook. The handy-sized paperback contains an abundance of useful facts..."
{American Reference Books Annual: April 1995}

"...a practical guide for destination-oriented travelers."
{Midwest Book Review: July 1994}

"a candid, cautious companion with the experience that is necessary to traverse the rocky face of Russian business."
Where in Moscow

"...[it] became something of an informational bible for expatriates when it was first published in 1990... money well spent for straightforward, no-nonsense information."
{The Moscow Times: August 3, 1995}


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