25: Storied Moscow

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    Dmitry Zverev's black and white photos in this issue capture the sense of the capital as a small village, a humming metropolis, a place of solitude amid chaos... Photography
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    Moscow Believes

    It's harder, and easier, than one might think to put together an issue of Chtenia devoted to Moscow. Literature
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    Notes Upon Russia

    First published in 1549, von Herberstein’s account of Moscow (and Russia more generally) was the main early European source of information on Russia in the sixteenth century. Memoir
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    A Pestilential Distemper in Russia

    On the Massacre of the Archbishop of Moscow and a fever running through the capital. History
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    Moscow and St. Petersburg: 1842

    Herzen's classic comparison of Russia's two capitals, in which he finds much to love and loathe in each. Moscow
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    Evgeny Onegin

    A short excerpt from the classic poem, where Pushkin sings Moscow's praises.
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    One of the most famous chapters from this classic work, about the seamy underbelly of Moscow at the turn of the last century. Memoir
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    The Past's Dead and Gone

    The great poet's lyrical tribute to the Moscow that once was... Music
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    Guide for Moscow Visitors

    The author's 15-point guide to surviving a visit to the capital. Humor
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    The Shopping Renaissance

    A consideration of what NEP wrought in Moscow, from one of Russia's greatest writers. Memoir
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    The Moscow Eccentric

    A fascinating look at life in post-revolutionary Moscow, in this never-before-translated excerpt from Bely's little known novel about the capital. All the more amazing for the fact that it is written (and translated) in metered prose. Presented here in our bilingual format (English and Russian on facing pages) Literature
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    Clear Ponds

    A truly wonderful memoir of life growing up along Moscow's boulevard, by a writer hardly published in English. Memoir
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    Midnight Trolley

    One of Okudzhava's most beloved poems. Music
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    The Great Stone Bridge

    An excerpt from a new novel about an infamous murder case in Moscow that revealed a horrific layer of elite corruption and bigotry. The excerpt introduces the scene of the crime, looking at the history and mystery of this great bridge. History
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    A Visit

    In this hilarious bit of rhyming prose, one of Russia's most prolific and interesting modern writers offers a sendup of the propiska system. Presented in bilingual format, with Russian and English on facing pages.
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    My City Now is Drowsing

    A final poem by Okudzhava to close out this issue devoted to his beloved city. Music

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