22: Spies and Imposters

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    Lying Undercover

    On the danger of alumni relations, Roman train stations and stray buttons.
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    A legendary song about a spy dreaming of escape. Accompanied by a wonderful illustration.
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    Staff Captain Rybnikov

    It is the height of the Russo-Japanese war, and Staff Captain Rybnikov, based in St. Petersburg, is not exactly he seems to be.
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    The Call

    Comrades! Danger rears its head from the right!
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    The Tale of the Cowardly Devil

    Excerpt from one of the classic Soviet era Major Pronin tales, about a skilled Chekist battling in this case wreckers. Fiction
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    The Little Button

    A lost button leads to the discovery of a spy in this classic Soviet era poem.
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    A Face of Soviet Intelligence

    A brief portrayal of a quintessential and typical Soviet intelligence operative, Naum Markovich Belkin.
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    Early Spy Films: The Stalin Era

    A consideration of the short and vivid history of spy films under Stalin.
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    The Border

    A classic song about the Civil War and vigilance in the borderlands.
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    A masterful sci-fi espionage tale set in Soviet Russia. Really. Fiction
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    The New World Order

    This tale within a tale unravels into a surprising conclusion about the real end of the Cold War. Fiction

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