October 07, 2007

Avast, there be pirates!

To quote Dave Barry, I am not making this up...

Visit this top level site for a very proud and propagandistic video of Putin accepting the nomination to head the Unified Russia party in the upcoming Duma elections. Very nicely and professionally done, even if a bit, well, over the top.

But the fun part is this. Listen very closely to the soundtrack (much easier if you don't understand Russian). The music which is playing just as Putin is readying to accept the nomination. It sounds so familiar... could it be? No, they wouldn't make that mistake would they? Surely not.

And yet, they do.

The music, if it is not a direct clip, then it is a direct ripoff of the Pirates of the Carribbean theme.

Leaving aside the not-so-gentle irony of this music choice (see the Kasparov related post in September), one cannot help but wonder: surely this use of the theme is not... pirated...

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