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21 September 2018

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Elena Bobrova

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Elena Bobrova Elena Bobrova was born in Leningrad, but has spent the majority of her life in St. Petersburg. After taking a history degree from St. Petersburg State University, she pursued a journalism career at Russia In Your Pocket, followed by Russia Beyond the Headlines. Among other things, she edited brochures dedicated to Russian-American cooperation during WWII and Russian Heritage in California. Today she works as a freelance journalist, fixer, and tour guide at Peter’s Walking Tours, where she specializes in bike tours. She dreams of one day writing a guidebook on the people and culture of her home city.

17 Petersburg Places

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2017
Revolutions, including that Great October one, are not a popular topic in Russia today. Nonetheless, we take a photo feature look at how 1917 shaped Russia’s northern capital.
Author: Elena Bobrova
Illustrations/Images: Alexander Petrosyan