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Marie Betteley

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Marie Betteley Born and raised in Paris, Marie Betteley is a third generation jewelry dealer. As a teenager, she lived on the grounds of Hillwood Museum in Washington DC, where her father, Roy D.R. Betteley, was director. She began her career as a gemologist and Head of Christie’s Russian department in America, later starting her own business trading in Fabergé and jewels. Today, Marie consults for auction houses, museums and private collectors worldwide. She is writing a book, Beyond Fabergé Russian Imperial Jewelers, expected out in August 2017.

Bid for the Best Backfires

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2017
A decade before the fall of tsarism, a little-known auction was held to sell off some of the crown jewels. Was it rigged?
Author: Marie Betteley