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Matt Traver

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Matt Traver Matt Traver is a filmmaker, photographer and creator of content relating to adventure, travel and culture. His filming locations have included the deserts of Uzbekistan, the steppes of Kazakhstan/Mongolia, the high mountains of Iran and Tajikistan, the Tuvan taiga forest, and the rivers of Siberia. His work has screened at 30 international film festivals in the UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, US, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Australia. He is currently working on an adventure travel and cultural film series called Crossing Siberia, which aims to reveal untold stories from within the world’s largest expanse of wilderness.

Crossing Siberia

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2016
Matt Traver decided to walk across Siberia and create a documentary film in the process. His first leg didn’t go very smoothly.
Author: Matt Traver