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Natalia Gogolitsyna

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NATALIA GOGOLITSYNA was educated at the Herzen Institute in St. Petersburg and teaches translation and Russian at the University of Bristol, UK. She has a scholarly interest in the field of lexis and phraseology, with particular emphasis on non-equivalence. She is co-author, with Derek Offord, of the second, augmented edition of Using Russian: A Guide to Contemporary Usage, Cambridge University Press, and of 93 Untranslatable Russian Words, by Russian Life Books.

Leonid Gayday

Russian Life: March/April 2018
In her final Uchites column for Russian Life, Natalia Gogolitsyna takes a look at one of Russia's most beloved filmmakers and the winged phrases that are one of his legacies.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna

On Celebrating the New Year

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2018
In this issue’s Uchites, we look at New Year’s by reading a very old text and learning a popular children’s song.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna

Verbs of Motion

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2017
In this issue’s Uchites, we look at verbs of motion, a bane of the Russian language student’s existence.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna

Four Wishes

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2017
A short story by Konstantin Ushinsky, the noted pedagogue, is the subject of this issue's language learning page.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna

Good and Bad Children

Russian Life: July/August 2017
For this issue's language insert, we look at a famous Mayakovsky poem on good and bad children. It's a bit, well, odd.
Authors: Vladimir Mayakovsky and Natalia Gogolitsyna

I Do Not Love

Russian Life: May/June 2017
Vladimir Vysotsky is the focus of this issue's language insert.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna

Russian Names

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2017
In this issue, Uchites looks at the Russian custom of affixing people with three different names.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna


Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2017
A few readings on maslenitsa to carry us from winter into spring.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna

Three Bears

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2016
Using a familiar fairy tale to brush up on some Russian.
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna

Russian Riddles

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2016
This issue's language supplement poses some difficult linguistic riddles. Can you solve them?
Author: Natalia Gogolitsyna