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Sergei Drugal

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Sergei Drugal (1927-2011) was born in Kazakhstan and trained as a railway engineer. It wasn’t until age 50 that he began to publish his first stories, combining his interests in ecology and pedagogy to create a series about a futuristic institute that perfects nature using the advancements of science. A recipient of the Aelita Prize for the best Russian work in the science fiction genre, Drugal’s writings have been translated into Polish, German and Hungarian. His story “Every Tree Has Its Bird” appears in the English-language anthology of Russian fantastical fiction Tower of Birds, published in 1989.

The Exam

Chtenia: Spring 2015
A 1979 story about an institute that teaches its students to care for the environment and which breed trans-ape-humans.
Author: Sergei Drugal
Translator: Yvonne Howell