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Natalia Kopaneva

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Natalia Kopaneva took her degree in philology, but has mainly worked in the fields of history and museum studies. Presently a senior staffer at the Kunstkamera, her research work focuses mainly on the eighteenth century, with special emphasis on the history of the St. Petersburg Academy, the Kunstkamera, and connections between Russian science and culture with the West. She co-directed the exhibition Peter and Holland, which appeared in St. Petersburg and Amsterdam, and is a recipient of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

The Museum of All Things

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2014
Founded by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg's Kunstkamera is one of the world's oldest museums. Intended as a storehouse and library of all the world's knowledge, it has been both more and less than that.
Author: Natalia Kopaneva
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya