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Maria Silina

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Maria Silina is an art historian currently working as a research scientist at the Research Institute for Theory and History of Visual Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow. She is particularly interested in Soviet art and urban space, as well as the issues of public memory of the Soviet Union. She has written for a number of academic and popular journals.

Soviet Redux

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2015
It seems the more removed in time the USSR becomes, the more nostalgia grows for its symbols and traditions. Increasingly, these elements are worming their way back into Russian life. If they ever left.
Author: Maria Silina
Translator: Maria Antonova

Russia's Eiffel Tower

Russian Life: May/June 2014
An iconic radio tower in Moscow is in threat of being razed, despite what activists, international experts, or the law has to say about it.
Author: Maria Silina
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya