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Ivan Shmelyov

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IVAN SHMELYOV (1873-1950) was a Russian novelist and short-story writer, with a devoutly religious worldview. After his only son was executed by the Reds for being a former White officer, Shmelyov emigrated to France. He published in a collaborationist journal during the war, but later rejected accusations that he was a Nazi sympathizer. Shmelyov made many pilgrimages to various Orthodox holy sites and wrote about them at length. His most famous novel The Sun of the Dead, about the Bolshevik terror and famine in the Crimea, was translated into thirteen languages and praised by Thomas Mann and Rudyard Kipling.

Shadows of Days

Chtenia: Spring 2014
Shmelyov's acclaimed phantasmagorical variation on the emigre dream/nightmare of the return back to Russia.
Author: Ivan Shmelyov
Translator: Temira Pachmuss