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Yuri Annenkov

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YURI ANNENKOV (1889-1974) was an artist, illustrator, set and costume designer in theater and cinema, and writer (he wrote under the pseudonym Boris Temiryazev). He is probably best known for his brilliant illustrations to Blok’s poem The Twelve, which amazed Blok when he first saw them, but he was also an extremely accomplished portraitist and graphic designer, associated with the The World of Art group. An art director for many experimental productions and performances, Annenkov designed costumes and sets for many plays back in Russia, and was nominated for an Oscar in costume design in 1953.

Original Lithographs

Chtenia: Spring 2014
The featured artist in this issue is Yuri Annenkov, whose wonderful lithographs from Paris in the 1920s set a perfectly bohemian mood.
Author: Yuri Annenkov