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Diana Bruk

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Diana Bruk Diana Bruk was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and emigrated to New York at the age of five. Her essays and short stories have appeared in The NY Times, the Paris Review, Salon, and many other magazines. She lives in New York City, but travels back to Russia frequently, both by plane and by books.

Moscow's Zoo

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2014
One hundred and fifty years ago, Moscow‘s zoo opened just outside the city‘s Garden Ring. Ever since, the 53-acre institution has been deeply embedded in the city‘s life.
Author: Diana Bruk
Illustrations/Images: Dmitry Serebyakov

Chasing Nabokov

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2014
In which a scholar of the great Russian-American writer goes in search of Nabokov’s other family estate.
Author: Diana Bruk