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Eugenia Sokolskaya

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EUGENIA SOKOLSKAYA came to the United States from Russia when she was four. In addition to a normal public-school education, she also received extensive instruction in Russian literature, film, and history from her parents. She is now a graduate of Swarthmore College and a freelance translator. In 2011, she was short-listed for the Rossica Young Translators Award.

History Through the Eyes of Three Monuments

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2017
In which we look at the history of Russia through the eyes of three very different monuments in the capital: Pushkin, Dzerzhinsky & Vorovsky.
Author: Natalya Beskhlebnaya
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya
Illustrations/Images: Mikhail Mordasov

Raising the Shtandart

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2016
In the spring of 1703, Peter the Great oversaw the building of Russia’s first Baltic fleet flagship. In 1995, Vladimir Martus decided to build a replica.
Author: Ekaterina Golovina
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

Stealing Brides

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2015
The Caucasus is a region rich in tradition and often impenetrable to outside understanding. The modernized ritual of “bride kidnapping” is a case in point; we asked a local journalist to guide us.
Author: Marina Marshenkulova
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

A Truly Unique Person

Chtenia: Winter 2015
A short essay recounting the author's friendship with Lydia Budogoskaya, a little known yet famous Russian writer who was gifted and uncommonly humble.
Author: Evgenia Shcheglova
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

The Museum of All Things

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2014
Founded by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg's Kunstkamera is one of the world's oldest museums. Intended as a storehouse and library of all the world's knowledge, it has been both more and less than that.
Author: Natalia Kopaneva
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

In Pushkin's Shadow

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2014
Mikhail Lermontov, whom many consider Russia‘s second greatest poet, was born 200 years ago. We consider the enduring mysteries of his philosophy and work.
Author: Lev Sobolev
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

Near Smorgon

Chtenia: Summer 2014
War shows its modern face.
Author: Valentin Katayev
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

Russia's Eiffel Tower

Russian Life: May/June 2014
An iconic radio tower in Moscow is in threat of being razed, despite what activists, international experts, or the law has to say about it.
Author: Maria Silina
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

Guide for Moscow Visitors

Chtenia: Winter 2014
The author's 15-point guide to surviving a visit to the capital.
Author: Sasha Chyorny
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

The Children's Railroad

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2013
Ten miles outside Moscow is a functioning railway staffed and operated entirely by children. We go for a visit.
Author: Lada Bakal
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya
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