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Polly Gannon

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POLLY GANNON is a teacher and translator who has been living in St. Petersburg for 16 years. She is the translator of Max Frei’s The Stranger series for The Overlook Press and of Andrei Bitov’s The Symmetry Teacher for Farrar, Straus and Geroux. She is currently at work on Lilianna Lungina’s Podstrochnik, forthcoming from Word for Word press.

Word for Word

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2014
Lilianna Lungina was a leading literary translator in the Soviet Union. Her autobiography was a huge bestseller in Russia and is finally appearing in English. We present a short excerpt.
Author: Lilianna Lungina
Translator: Polly Gannon

The Women of Lazarus

Chtenia: Summer 2013
An excerpt from the award-winning novel of the lifelong friendship between a childless couple and a troubled genius.
Author: Marina Stepnova
Translator: Polly Gannon
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