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Polina Barskova

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POLINA BARSKOVA was born in Leningrad and began publishing poems in journals at age nine. She released the first of her eight collections as a teenager. She came to the United States at the age of 20 to pursue a Ph.D at UC Berkeley. She now lives in Massachusetts with her family and teaches at Hampshire College. Two books of her poetry in translation were recently published: This Lamentable City (translated by Ilya Kaminsky, Tupelo Press, 2010) and Zoo in Winter (translated by David Stromberg and Boris Draliuk, Melville House, 2011).  She will be featured in the forthcoming anthology Relocations: Three Contemporary Women Poets (Zephyr Press, 2013), which includes the poems published here. In addition to English, Barskova’s poetry has been translated into French, Italian and Danish.

Leningrad Directory of Writers at the Front

Chtenia: Summer 2013
A series of poignant poetical portraits of writers and poets who worked in Leningrad during the Seige.
Author: Polina Barskova
Translator: Catherine Ciepiela
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