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Dmitry Zlodorev

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Dmitry Zlodorev Dmitry Zlodorev was born in Moscow. He graduated from Moscow State University’s journalism faculty, and since 1992 has worked for the ITAR-TASS newswire service, covering culture, sports, economics, politics, religion, energy and other issues. Since 2006, he has been senior news writer for ITAR-TASS in Washington, DC. In January 2013 he received a Silver Archer award (honoring PR and other efforts to enhance US-Russian relations), for a series of articles on Russian America.

Russian Alaska

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2013
Meanwhile, just across the Bering Sea, pockets of Russian culture predating Alaska’s sale to the US are being captured in a new documentary.
Author: Dmitry Zlodorev
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
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