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Elena Rodina

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Elena Rodina ELENA RODINA was born in Kazan and moved to Moscow after graduating from university. There she worked as a journalist for Ogonyok magazine, and as a special correspondent for Esquire, traveling across Russia and around the world, writing reports from Hong-Kong to Cuba, from the Yamal Peninsula to the Far East. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Oregon and now lives and works in Chicago, as a freelance journalist and illustrator for Elle, Time Out Chicago, Esquire, Newcity, and others. When she is not drawing or writing, she is riding a tandem bike with her husband, exploring American roads from the point of view of a cyclist.

Russian Chicago

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2013
This sprawling Midwestern city is arguably America’s most Slavic metropolis. Yet it is surprisingly challenging to locate its Russian center.
Author: Elena Rodina
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Sausage in Exile

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2013
There is a common saying: "If you want to respect laws or sausages, don't watch them being made." Yet in this case (Alef Sausage, in Chicago IL), the more you watch, the hungrier you get.
Author: Elena Rodina
Illustrations/Images: Elena Rodina
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