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Alexandra Odynova

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Alexandra Odynova ALEXANDRA ODYNOVA spent several years working as a news reporter and editor at The Moscow Times. Now she works as a reporter at the RIA Novosti English Service, covering everything from crime to politics. She is also a student with Marina Razbezhkina’s School of Documentary Film and Documentary Theater in Moscow.

State of the Wards

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2013
Russia's ban on American adoptions focused attention on Putin and world politics, while the real issue is the plight of the children who live inside the vast orphan system.
Author: Alexandra Odynova
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Cinema in the Round

Russian Life: May/June 2012
Before IMAX, before 3-D movies, there was Cinema in the Round. Come with us on a visit to the world’s longest functioning cinema of its type, where films are shown simultaneously on 11 massive screens.
Author: Alexandra Odynova
Illustrations/Images: Alexei Sovertkov
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