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Margo Shohl Rosen

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Margo Shohl Rosen Margo Shohl Rosen’s poetry, translations and literary discoveries can be found in leading journals and presses, including (forthcoming) the Penguin Book of Russian Poetry, edited by Robert Chandler. With F. D. Reeve, Rosen produced the first English collection of Anatoly Naiman’s poetry, Lions and Acrobats (Zephyr Press). Rosen has taught Russian and Literature Humanities at Columbia University.

Two Concerts

Chtenia: Winter 2015
The author's account of two concerts by Western virtuosos that caused a flurry among the Leningrad elite.
Author: Arseny Berezin
Translator: Margo Shohl Rosen

Kilometer 101

Chtenia: Spring 2012

Author: Maxim Osipov
Translator: Margo Shohl Rosen
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