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Mikhail Kondrashov

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Mikhail Kondrashov MIKHAIL KONDRASHOV was born in Tambov. ?He studied journalism at Voronezh State University, and graduated with honors. For the next 10 years he worked as a correspondent for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. He won a Russian Union of Journalists’ award for his research into the 1920-21 peasant uprising in Tambov region led by Ataman Antonov. Of late, his love for horses and photography has led him to work as a photographer for Golden Mustang and Horse Husbandry and Sport. He also is a professional equestrian, and enjoys researching the history of Russian horse breeding.

The Mail Troika

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2012
Every language has words for which it is known the world over. Troika is one such word in Russian, and this equine configuration was critical to the history of Russian letters. And by that we don’t mean literature.
Author: Mikhail Kondrashov
Translator: Liv Bliss
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