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Cindy Papish Gerber

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Cindy Papish Gerber CINDY PAPISH GERBER is the producer for The Real Life Survival Guide, a radio program on The Connecticut Broadcasting Network (WNPR). Among other things, she has worked as an actress, house manager, filmmaker and PR consultant. For a decade she worked with ABC-TV on numerous news, sports and entertainment programs, including the 1984 Winter/Summer Olympic Games, which earned her an Emmy. She has written on everything from history, politics, entertainment and travel, to business, religion, food and weddings. Writing about the state of cardiac care in Northwest Russia for Russian Life, she said, was her most personally meaningful assignment to date.

Heart of the Matter

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2012
A look inside the Russian health care ?system, as we accompany a group of American doctors in Russia during their multi-year exchange and training program.
Author: Cindy Papish Gerber
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