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Mikael Strandberg

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Mikael Strandberg MIKAEL STRANDBERG is an explorer, writer and documentarian who has been traveling through the most forbidding reaches of our planet since he was 16. Among other things, he has cycled from Chile to Alaska, from Norway to South Africa and from New Zealand to Cairo. He has created three documentaries about his travels (including one about his trip through Kolyma). The true explorer, he says, “is unselfish, curious and ready to sacrifice his life in the quest of dis- covering unknown areas and human limits. An explorer’s life is a mission to make this earth of ours a better one to live in. For everybody.” His website is here: here.

Crossing Kolyma

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2011
It’s not your average traveler who chooses to traverse remote Kolyma through the depth of a Siberian winter. But then Mikael Strandberg is no average traveler.
Author: Mikael Strandberg
Illustrations/Images: Mikael Strandberg
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