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Dmitry Bykov

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Dmitry Bykov Dmitry Bykov is the author of several prizewinning futuristic novels and alternative histories, all of which have inspired heated debates in the Russian press. He is also a noted poet and the author of the award winning biography of Boris Pasternak, as well as biographies of Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Mayakovsky. A famous TV personality and a very prolific journalist, he contributes widely to Moscow’s leading periodicals.

Poetry Smackdown

Russian Life: May/June 2016
Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson, staged a poetry slam of sorts with writer Dmitry Bykov after he published a lyrical comment about the initiative announced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu: to launch a national soccer league. This poetic exchange, however, is more about Zakharova’s verbal style than the substance of the matter.
Author: Dmitry Bykov
Translator: Nora Seligman Favorov

A Visit

Chtenia: Winter 2014
In this hilarious bit of rhyming prose, one of Russia's most prolific and interesting modern writers offers a sendup of the propiska system. Presented in bilingual format, with Russian and English on facing pages.
Author: Dmitry Bykov
Translator: Daniel O’Carroll

The Year of the Family

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2006
What happens when a tabloid goes in search of the “typical” Russian family? A short story by a popular contemporary novelist.
Author: Dmitry Bykov
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