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Lev Berdnikov

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Lev Berdnikov Lev Berdnikov was born in Moscow and graduated from the Russian Language Department of Moscow Pedagogical University. He worked for a few years as a reporter for Uchitelskaya Gazeta (Teachers Newspaper), and from 1980 to 1990 worked as a senior researcher in the Department of Rare Books (Museum of Books) at Lenin Library (now known as the Russian State Library). Since 1990, he has lived in Los Angeles. He is the author of two books and more than 60 essays published in Russia, the U.S., Israel, Germany and Latvia.

Tsarina Elizabeth

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2009
"Elizabeth couldn't take her eyes off herself," wrote historian Vasily Klyuchevsky. Indeed, Peter the Great's narcissistic granddaughter (born 300 years ago this month) was infamous for being a tyrannical fashionista.
Author: Lev Berdnikov
Translator: Leigh Mosley
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Baron Shafirov's Finest Hour

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2009
Baron Peter Shafirov was a little-known hero of Russian diplomacy who also happened to be a Jew converted to Orthodoxy. He helped guide statecraft under Peter the Great, was richly rewarded and, later, soundly vilified, his in-and-out-of-favor career reflecting the tumultuous times in which he lived.
Author: Lev Berdnikov
Translator: Nora Seligman Favorov
Illustrations/Images: Yuri Reuka
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The Jewish King of the Samoyed

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2008
He was a Jew who fled Portugal, failed at business in Hamburg and ended up in Russia. So of course he was the logical choice to become Peter the Great's new King of the Samoyed.
Author: Lev Berdnikov
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The Russian Pompadour

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2007
Ivan Shuvalov was Empress Elizabeth's confidant, lover and aide. But he was also an impressively modest patron of the arts and education.
Author: Lev Berdnikov
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The Execution of Lady Hamilton

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2007
Descended from Scots, she was once Tsar Peter’s mistress. But her life ended on a scaffold.
Author: Lev Berdnikov
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The Loud American

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2006
Fyodor Tolstoy was loud, eccentric and legendary, always at the center of scandal. So infamous were his life and escapades, that he was immortalized in some of the most famous works of Russian literature.
Author: Lev Berdnikov
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