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Levi Bridges

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LEVI BRIDGES is a freelance writer who often focuses on human migration. In 2009, he embarked on an eight month, 9,500 mile bicycle journey and pedaled over the entirety of Russia, from Vladivostok to Ukraine, and across Europe to the coast of Spain (Russian Life, Mar/Apr 2011). He was recently awarded a Fulbright Arts Grant in Creative Writing to spend a year recording the life narratives of Latin American migrant workers. He is currently based in Mexico City. His website can be found at

Trotsky's End

Russian Life: July/Aug 2015
Seventy-five years ago this August, Leon Trotsky was brutally murdered while living in exile in Mexico. Levi Bridges visited the scene of the crime, now a veritable shrine to the Bolshevik leader.
Author: Levi Bridges

Hiding in Plain Sight

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2012
Russia is one of just three countries that has a land border with North Korea. It is not a large frontier, but the Russian-Korean nexus is nonetheless significant, beginning with the placement of North Korea’s puppet dictator after World War II and stretching up to guest workers in the present day.
Author: Levi Bridges
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Cycling Across Russia

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2011
Two young Americans decide to ride across the breadth of Eurasia, and spent 162 days traversing 6000 miles of Russian roads (and non-roads). They survived. And they brought back this tale.
Author: Levi Bridges
Illustrations/Images: Levi Bridges
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