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Stephen Dewar

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Stephen Dewar Stephen Dewar was born in Ireland but has lived and worked in Russia, mostly as an economic and development adviser, since early 1996. In between assignments he has worked as a business news reporter at “Russia Today” television, acted in movies, been a journalist, taught at Russian universities and worked with the Russian Ministry of Education. In Ireland he was an academic, farmer, small businessman, public servant and editor/journalist. He was also, briefly, the head of an African safari company. He has edited, written and contributed to a number of academic books and monographs on Russian and EU-Russian affairs. His wife is Russian.

The Dialog Coach

Russian Life: May/June 2010
How one expat got Americans, Brits, Russians, Germans and an admixture of other Europeans to all speak the same language in very different ways.
Author: Stephen Dewar
Illustrations/Images: Katya Korobkina
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