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Eugene Petrushanskiy

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Eugene Petrushanskiy EUGENE PETRUSHANSKY was born and raised in St. Petersburg and calls himself a freelance photographer and street photographer. “I love to walk the street, to interact, observe and reflect all my observations through my photographs… only a kind reflection is important to me, a kind attitude toward the objects of my interest.” Eugene’s website is

Moscow to Vladivostok

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2009
Few trips anywhere in the world rival the Trans-Siberian Railway. A six-day, seven-night, 9250 kilometer-long trip across the girth of the world’s largest country, it is also, as novelist Peter Aleshkovsky found, a trip into Russia’s past.
Author: Peter Aleshkovsky
Translator: Alexei Bayer
Illustrations/Images: Eugene Petrushanskiy
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