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Fyodor Sologub

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Fyodor Sologub FYODOR SOLOGUB (pseudonym of Fyodor Kuzmich Teternikov, 1863-1927) was one of the most important poets of the Silver Age in Russian literature (1890-1920). A Symbolist, he authored a great number of poems, and his best-known novel was The Petty Demon (1907). He was one of the first Russian authors to introduce the morbid, pessimistic elements characteristic of fin de si├Ęcle literature into his prose; readers were both attracted and repulsed by his mesmerizing ideas of death and evil.

A Wife to a Reservist

Chtenia: Summer 2014

Author: Fyodor Sologub
Translator: Boris Dralyuk


Chtenia: Fall 2009

Author: Fyodor Sologub
Translator: Bela Shayevich
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