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Olga Sharapova

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Olga Sharapova Olga Sharapova grew up in Norilsk. After a stint in Minsk teaching children's theater, she moved to St. Petersburg, where she studied at the Academy of Theater Arts. She has worked as an editor at the Baltiysky Dom Theater Festival.

Built on Ice and Bones

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2007
Built by gulag internees, Norilsk is one of the world’s northernmost cities. It also sits atop one of Earth’s richest mineral lodes, in clouds of the world’s most harmful pollutants.
Authors: Olga Sharapova and Paul E. Richardson
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Kapustnik: More Than Cabbage Pie

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2006
It is what Russians call a cabbage pie, while at the same time it is the rather appropriate name given to eclectic, humorous entertainment events, including everything from community “bring in the cabbage” bees to fundraisers for theater actors.
Author: Olga Sharapova
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