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Alexander Petrosyan

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Alexander Petrosyan is a gifted freelance photographer who was born in Lv’iv, but now lives and works in St. Petersburg. In addition to his day job as a photographer for the Kommersant Publishing House, he has had his work published in Newsweek, National Geographic, GEO, Izvestia, Le Monde and Vokrug Sveta, among others. He also regularly participates in exhibitions and competitions, and has won several of the latter, including the national award Best Photographer in 2013 (in both Architecture and News) and first prize in the 2015 International Photography Competition, "Legacy of Generations."

17 Petersburg Places

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2017
Revolutions, including that Great October one, are not a popular topic in Russia today. Nonetheless, we take a photo feature look at how 1917 shaped Russia’s northern capital.
Author: Elena Bobrova
Illustrations/Images: Alexander Petrosyan

Aurora's Sunset

Russian Life: May/June 2017
Soviet revolutionary mythology had it that the Aurora’s shot, signaling the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution, was heard round the world. We check in to find out the latest on the cruiser, and to examine some of its own myths.
Author: Natalya Beskhlebnaya
Translator: Paul E. Richardson and Nora Seligman Favorov
Illustrations/Images: Alexander Petrosyan

Church v. State

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2017
City, state and citizens battle over the future of St. Issac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg
Author: The Editors
Illustrations/Images: Alexander Petrosyan

Pyramid & Paskha

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2017
A strange church in St. Petersburg’s outskirts offers a fascinating historical side trip.
Author: Natalya Beskhlebnaya
Translator: Nora Seligman Favorov
Illustrations/Images: Alexander Petrosyan

Featured Photographer

Chtenia: Spring 2009

Author: Alexander Petrosyan
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