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Svetlana Solodovnik

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Svetlana Solodovnik Svetlana Solodovnik is a graduate of the Moscow State University Journalism Department and has worked for a magazine of foreign literature, overseeing the sections on Hungarian literature and religion. She has also translated fiction from Hungarian and English into Russian. In 1996, she joined the liberal magazine Itogi, covering religious issues. Svetlana now works at Yezhenedelny Zhurnal, a magazine founded by the staff of the original Itogi, after they had to leave when the magazine changed owners. Svetlana enjoys good company, having guests over and feeding them a good dinner; perhaps for this reason, in her student days she had the nickname "pancake."

What are They Teaching Our Kids?

Russian Life: May/Jun 2004
Profound changes are afoot that will alter how future generations of Russians see the world. In schools across Russia, new curricula are being introduced, history is being rewritten, and the role of religion in education is being hotly debated.
Authors: Svetlana Solodovnik and Nikolai Pavlovich