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Semyon Ekshtut

12 contributions found for Russian Life and/or Chtenia.

The Artist's Will

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2002
Pavel Korin was a painter of uncommon talent and immense tenacity. His paintings reflect an indomitable will to create great art despite difficult circumstances.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut
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The Patriarch of Russian Painting

Russian Life: July/Aug 2002
Mikhail Nesterov painted images infused with spiritual beauty, inspiring generations of Russian painters that followed. His life story is one of amazing strength and artistic resilience.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut
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An Independent Spirit

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2001
Nikolai Ge was one of the most influential and talented Russian artists in the 19th century. And, as Semyon Ekshtut shows, he was also one of the most independent-minded.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut
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Tuber or Not Tuber

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2000
The potato, a beloved staple at the Russian table, was first met in Russia with riots and superstition.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut
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Russian Life: May/June 2000
Russia's greatest military general, Alexander Suvorov, is little known outside his homeland, where his exploits are the stuff of legend.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut
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Karl Bryullov: Russia's First Master Painter

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2000
This headstrong romantic from a long line of artists was Russia's first painter of world renown. Semyon Ekshtut traces Bryullov's life and art on the occasion of the painter's centenary.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut

Pushkin's Heir

Russian Life: Oct/Nov 1999
Mikhail Lermontov is often called "Russia's second greatest poet," after Alexander Pushkin. And there is more that the quality of their art in common between the two writers.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut
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The Life and Death of the Mushroom Eater

Russian Life: Feb/Mar 1999
Alexander Griboyedov's day job (as a senior Russian diplomat) kept him from applying his immense talent to more than just a few works of literature. It also led to his tragic death 170 years ago.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut

Out of Siberia

Russian Life: Dec/Jan 1998
Vasily Surikov's flash of creative genius lasted less than a decade. But his paintings have become cherished icons for old Russian traditions.
Author: Semyon Ekshtut

Bolshevik Doodles

Russian Life: November 1997
They are certainly not great works of art, but they are intriguing pieces of history -- cartoons and caricatures drawn by early Soviet leaders while sitting in droning meetings. Publisher here for the first time outside Russia.
Authors: Semyon Ekshtut and Larisa Malashenko