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Nick Allen

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Nick Allen NICK ALLEN is a British journalist who lived in Russia, where he covered the conflict in Chechnya and worked for The Moscow Times. He has also worked for The Daily Telegraph and the German Press Agency dpa. He went on to work for dpa in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he completed a two-year book project on the conflict there. He has also translated for the literary journal, Glas: New Russian Writing.

The Runway

Chtenia: Winter 2016
A recruit's account from the front lines in Chechnya.
Author: Arkady Babchenko
Translator: Nick Allen

The Wall: 25 Years Since Mauerfall

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2014
Twenty-five years ago this month, the Berlin Wall was felled by a bureaucrat's misstatement. But then again the Wall was never on the side of history.
Author: Nick Allen

Secret Bunker

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2014
A stark manifestation of Cold War fears, this hidden bunker outside London was to have housed the Prime Minister in the event of nuclear war.
Author: Nick Allen

Russians Return

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2010
Twenty years after Soviet troops left Afghanistan in defeat, Russians have returned. What does this suggest for the future course of American intervention in the region?
Author: Nick Allen
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The Coldest Village on Earth

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2004
So you think it has been cold in the US this winter? Well, you don’t know from cold. You want cold, you go to Siberia. And when Siberians want cold, they go to Oymyakon. So that’s where Nick Allen went. You get to tag along.
Author: Nick Allen

May the Waters Be With You

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2004
With roots stretching back over a millennium, the Russian banya (steam bath) is stitched tightly into the fabric of the Russian soul. We asked an intrepid journalist to help us unravel the mysteries, and sent him on a tour of Moscow's finest public bani.
Author: Nick Allen
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Miracles on a Shoestring

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2003
The Russian Space Program has enjoyed a remarkable string of successes and firsts over the past half-century. But, since the fall of the USSR, it has been forced to adapt to new, more commercial realities. We sent Nick Allen to Baikonur, the main Russian launch site, to report back on how the program is fairing.
Author: Nick Allen
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