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Nabi Abdullaev

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Nabi Abdullaev Nabi Abdullaevwas born in Makhachkala, in Russia's southern Republic of Dagestan. After graduating from the Dagestan State Technical University, he served in a UN Emergency Response Team, assisting victims of the first (1994-1996) war in Chechnya. Since 1997, he has worked as a journalist for many Russian and foreign publications. In 1998, he became an AP correspondent in Dagestan. He reported on the second (1999-2001) Chechen War for the AP, Voice of America, the BBC and MSNBC. In 2001, he moved to Moscow, where he works as a staff writer for The Moscow Times.

A Russian Sorrow

Russian Life: July/Aug 2003
While politicians and generals debate the pace and scope of military reform, Russia's Cold War conscription army stumbles along, perpetuating astonishing abuses. Over 70% of Russians are in favor of ending the draft. Here's why.
Author: Nabi Abdullaev