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Lev Lurie

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Lev Lurie Lev Lurie is a well-known St. Petersburg journalist. He is editor-in-chief of Kvartalny Nadziratel magazine, a journalist and host of various broadcast programs, including on Echo Moskvy radio in St. Petersburg, NTV and TVT's television channels. Lev is also a historian and has written over 100 articles and 5 books. As he is a fourth generation Petersburger, that city figures heavily in his work; he is the author of a popular guidebook of the city, produced by Afisha magazine.

Akhmatova: The Poet Who Buried Stalin

Russian Life: May/Jun 2004
Anna Akhmatova was one of the most important Russian poets of the 20th century. On the anniversary of her birth, we look back on her life and work, both vivid reflections of twentieth century Russia.
Author: Lev Lurie

(Very) Old Ladoga

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2003
It was, for a time (a millenium or so ago) Russia's capital. But that title passed to another, helping to preserve a bit of the history of this idyllic, 1250-year-old northern town.
Authors: Vasily Latenko and Lev Lurie
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