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Galina Yuzefovich

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Galina Yuzefovich Galina Yuzefovich reviews books for Yezhenedelny Zhurnal. Born in Perm, she grew up in Georgia and has lived in Moscow for the last decade. In college, Galina studied history of the Ancient Greeks and ancient languages. After teaching history and ancient Greek for several years, in 1997 she started writing about literature, first for the weekly Ex libris and then for Yezhenedelny Zhurnal.

Genius Temporis

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2004
Victor Pelevin may well be the greatest Russian writer of his generation. Not as he seems to care, though.
Author: Galina Yuzefovich
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Fazil Iskander

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2004
A look at the life and work of one of Russia's most beloved contemporary writers, on the occasion of his 75th birthday.
Author: Galina Yuzefovich