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Fred Strebeigh

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Fred Strebeigh Fred Strebeigh has written for publications that include the Atlantic Monthly, Audubon, Smithsonian, and the New York Times Magazine; he teaches in the environment school at Yale University. Although his assignments have required him to explore China by bicycle, the Falkland Islands by horse, southern Africa by Land Rover, and the Newfoundland coast by inflatable boat, Fred says that no travel has involved more pleasure than crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. He particularily recommends the fresh-picked berries and fresh-baked breads that families sell at stops along the tracks.

Defending Russian Nature

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2003
Over the last century, Russia has created a system of preserves -- zapovedniki -- where wilderness holds sway and humans are rarely allowed. It is the world's largest system of strict nature preserves. We meet some of the heroes quietly working to preserve these zapovedniki, despite miserly allocations from the government.
Author: Fred Strebeigh
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