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Corin Cummings

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Adopting from Russia: A War of Perceptions

Russian Life: June/July 1998
Our cover story examines one part of Russia's huge and complex problem with orphans: the several thousand Russian children adopted by foreigners each year.
Author: Corin Cummings

Life in a PO Box

Russian Life: April 1996
In this modern tale of two cities, we visit a closed Russian city still getting accustomed to the new era, and a poorer town that lives in its shadow. The author's photos of the closed town, Tomsk-7, are believed to be the first of this town widely published in the West.
Author: Corin Cummings

Study Russia

Russian Life: March 1996
From intensive immersion programs to laid back educational tours, opportunities to Study Russian language and culture have never been so varied or accessible.
Author: Corin Cummings