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No More Olympics… What Now?

Monday, February 24, 2014

No More Olympics… What Now?

The Sochi Olympic Games are now officially over. Suffering withdrawals? Here are five ideas for how to fill up all your viewing time.

  1. The Americans. The timing could not be more appropriate. Season two of this Cold War spy thriller series on FX debuts on February 26. Yes, it often feels very improbable, all this sleeper spy in Reagan's America stuff. But it's well-crafted and filled with lots of great suspense. Watch it live on FX, a bit later on Hulu, or pay per view with Amazon.
  2. The Paralympics. If you haven't had enough of all the Chevy commercials and long helicopter shots of the Caucasus, tune back in to NBC (if you are in the US) to watch these amazing athletes go at it in Sochi. NBC is only broadcasting about 50 hours of the Paralympics, which could help you step away from the couch. But you will apparently be able to stream all events live at
  3. Classic Russian Movies. Got two hours to kill, want to veg out but also work on your Russian and/or stoke that nostalgia fire? Head over the Mosfilm where you can stream all sorts of classic films to your computer or TV (if you can connect). Need a recommendation? If you haven't seen Diamond Arm, you must watch it. Now. Or how about a documentary on the Olympics? Or a melodrama about hockey players based on a story by Trifonov.
  4. Watch a Decent Western Film. Pop on over to Netflix to keep your Russophilia alive. Go underwater with a great Cold War submarine flick, like The Hunt for Red October or Phantom; check back in on the Bolsheviks with Reds or The Battleship Potemkin; go all romantic with Doctor Zhivago; enjoy a cheap thrill with Night Watch or Day Watch; be enthralled by one of the greatest Russia-based documentaries of recent years: Happy People
  5. Finally, if you really get desperate, there is always another Russian Dash Cam Video. Just ignore the driver's music choices and be thankful you are safely on your couch...

Got ideas of your own? Use the comments below to share ideas and help other Russophiles through this difficult time.