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Philsophy and Architecture
July 01, 2007

Philsophy and Architecture

By Paul E. Richardson

We review Motherland: A Philosophilcal History of Russia, and Russian Architecture and the West, both invaluable books for the Russophile. Plus we note the winner of this year's Rossica Translation Prize. Follow this link for links to purchase books reviewed in this and previous issues.

Spies, Rebels, Ilf & Petrov and a Slynx
May 01, 2007

Spies, Rebels, Ilf & Petrov and a Slynx

By Paul E. Richardson

A incredible new reference work on spies, an account of the Potemkin mutiny, a 1930s travelogue of the US by two of the greatest Soviet writers, and a novel by Tatyana Tolstaya are the books reviewed this issue. Oh, and several new travel guides as well.

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