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A closed pie
October 01, 1998

A closed pie

By Prague Restaurant Kulebyaka is arguably one of the most popular types of Russian pies. Here we present a recipe from the famed Praga restaurant in Moscow.
The Tsar of Russian Fish
June 01, 1998

The Tsar of Russian Fish

Osetrina po-Tsarsky -- sturgeon prepared in the tsarist manner. What more need be said?

Apple Compote for the Soul
October 01, 1997

Apple Compote for the Soul

By Yelena Utenkova

During the Soviet years, jam was often called povidlo for ideological reasons. It is even rumored that one government member was given the personal mission of taking the foreign name “dzhem” off the menus of public catering enterprises, replacing it with the more neutral povidlo.

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