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28 April 2017

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Bilingual Books

We have published several books in our popular bilingual format.

Russian and English texts are synchronized on right- and left-hand pages, and all the Russian text is accented, making the readings more useful for language learners (the Krylov tales are, however, an exception; the Russian poems are not accented).

These books are ideal for Russian language learners at the intermediate and higher level.


The Little Humpbacked Horse
By Pyotr Ershov
Translation by Lydia Razran Stone
The Little Humpbacked Horse
Chekhov Bilingual
Tamara Eidelman, ed.
Chekhov Bilingual
Tolstoy Bilingual
Lydia Razran Stone, ed.
Dostoyevsky Bilingual
Sarah Young, ed.
At the Circus Bilingual
By Alexander Kuprin
Translation by Lise Brody

The Frogs Who Wished for a Tsar
By Ivan Krylov
Translation by Lydia Razran Stone
(Russian text not accented)