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22 September 2018

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Yuliya Ballou

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Yuliya Ballou has been a Russian language teacher for ten years. She was born and raised in Russia but now lives in Vermont.

Get a Grip!

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2018
In this issue’s Uchites, we look at common Russian idioms and the challenges of translating them into English.
Author: Yuliya Ballou

Proverbs and Sayings

Russian Life: July/August 2018
This issue's Uchites looks at some familiar proverbs and helps you learn them by matching them up to rough equivalents in English.
Author: Yuliya Ballou

A Song About Paintings

Russian Life: May/June 2018
A popular song about paintings helps language learners pick up some artistic vocabulary.
Author: Yuliya Ballou