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21 November 2018

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Marina Pustilnik

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Marina Pustilnik Marina Pustilnik was born in Russia’s northern Caucasus, but spent her teenage years in Massachusetts and Vermont, attending, in particular, Middlebury College. In 1998 she returned to Moscow and tried her hand at all kinds of trades, working as an internet project manager, newspaper columnist, TV producer, editor-in-chief of online media, at-home baker, bagel maker, and startup co-founder. Today she practices yoga, walks around Moscow, runs a small culinary blog on Telegram, and translates both English and Russian for a variety of causes and clients.

Holidays are for Cookies

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2018
We consider some of the best holiday treats, which are of course cookies, and then serve of a simple and delicious recipe.
Author: Marina Pustilnik
Illustrations/Images: Paul E. Richardson

Fungus Among Us

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2018
It's fall, which means mushroom season, which means time to get hunting. And cooking some Chanterelle-Apricot Muffins.
Author: Marina Pustilnik
Illustrations/Images: Paul E. Richardson

Seasonal Eating

Russian Life: July/August 2018
Long before seasonal eating, kombucha, kimchi and other such things became a fad in the US, they were popular and well known in Russia. For the recipe we feature sour cherry vareniki (mmm!).
Author: Marina Pustilnik

Russia's Restaurant Boom

Russian Life: May/June 2018
A vibrant cuisine is testing the limits, fusing with other national cuisines. How is this happening in Russia?
Author: Marina Pustilnik

Russian Tea Drinking Traditions

Russian Life: March/April 2018
On the Soviet tradition of making do, and spending long evenings around the table drinking tea and eating cake. Like Bird's Milk cake, this issue's recipe.
Author: Marina Pustilnik

Retaking a Village

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2018
A Russian entrepreneur and family save a village, start an agro business, and share a recipe for Tatar pies.
Author: Marina Pustilnik

Sweet Somethings

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2017
As fall deepens and winter approaches, what could be better than a warm honey drink imbued with Russian history.
Author: Marina Pustilnik

Cooking With Sofia

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2017
A great writer lives on his stomach. And Sofia Tolstoya had a way in the kitchen.
Author: Marina Pustilnik