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Bernard Pares

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Bernard Pares (1867-1949) was a British historian and academic. Founder of the first School of Russian Studies in Britain, at the University of Liverpool in 1907. During World War I, he served as Britain’s official observer to the Russian army, and placed himself firmly on the side of the Provisional Government when the events of 1917 unfolded. So much so that he was banned from entry to the USSR until 1935. After the war, he returned to academia and was instrumental in the development of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at King’s College.

Woe from Wit

Chtenia: Spring 2017
In Griboyedov’s classic satire on Russian high society, Sophia is in love with Molchalin – a dull collegiate assessor who she is unaware is attempting to seduce her maid Liza (as is Sophia’s father). Enter Chatsky, recently returned from travels, to attempt to win Sophia’s heart. Excerpted from the forthcoming full bilingual edition by Russian Life books.
Author: Alexander Griboyedov
Translator: Bernard Pares