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Louis S. Friedland

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LOUIS S. FRIEDLAND (1884-1955) and JOSEPH R. PIROSHNIKOFF translated a few books together, including a book on ethics by Prince Pyotr Koropotkin. Friedland was associate editor of the original The Russian Review journal (published 1916-1918) and a lecturer at New York City College. He was one of the first to translate Chekhov’s letters, in 1924.

A Mere Trifle

Chtenia: Winter 2017
A story that captures the uncertainty and anarchy of the post-revolutionary period.
Author: Yefim Zozulya
Translator: Louis S. Friedland

The 'Merican

Chtenia: Winter 2017
An American interventionist soldier is captured by a band of revolutionary soldiers.
Author: Vsevolod Ivanov
Translator: Louis S. Friedland