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Alexander Grin

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ALEXANDER GRIN (1880-1932), born Alexander Grinevsky, was best known as a writer of fantasy novels and stories of the sea (especially Scarlet Sails). His short stories after the revolution were extremely popular and he moved to Feodosiya in Crimea. But his romanticism came into conflict with the new regime and he and his wife sunk into poverty, alcoholism and illness. He died of cancer in Stary Krym.

Person to Person

Chtenia: Spring 2017
A traveler shares a story from his personal life, to show how a chance interaction gave him a new perspective on contentment and happiness.
Author: Alexander Grin
Translator: Paul E. Richardson

The Soul's Pendulum

Chtenia: Winter 2017
The Revolution is a great historical event that requires an individual's participation.
Author: Alexander Grin
Translator: Maria Bloshteyn