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Yulia Atayeva

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Yulia Atayeva JULIA ATAYEVA was born in Volgograd, where she still lives. Educated as a bookkeeper, she always loved cooking, no matter how difficult the dish; the main thing is that it be tasty and beautiful. About seven years ago she became interested in food photography and is now a self-taught professional, providing her work to various photo licensing sites. She also puts her photography to good use on her popular (in Russia) food blog and Facebook group, "Ya ne umeyu khudet" (“I don’t know how to lose weight.”) She is writing a book on low-carb cooking.

Flirting Over Cabbage

Russian Life: July/August 2017
In which we consider the less than humble cabbage and its history in village life, and offer a quick sauerkraut recipe.
Author: The Editors
Illustrations/Images: Yulia Atayeva

Bread is Good

Russian Life: May/June 2017
Russians love bread, and you are going to love this recipe for Whole Wheat Bread with Seeds.
Author: Nadezhda Grebennikova
Translator: Nora Seligman Favorov
Illustrations/Images: Yulia Atayeva

Food of the Gods

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2017
We look at the special place in Russian culture occupied by tvorog, and of course offer a tasty recipe...
Author: Nadezhda Grebennikova
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
Illustrations/Images: Yulia Atayeva

An Airy Dessert

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2017
A new year, a new dessert!
Author: Yulia Atayeva
Illustrations/Images: Yulia Atayeva

Hats off to Hipsters

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2016
On the importance of cabbage in Russian culture (and of course a recipe).
Authors: Jennifer Eremeeva and Yulia Atayeva
Illustrations/Images: Yulia Atayeva